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Nick's curriculum vitae reads like a romantic novel...

Biography Highlights

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In the beginning...

early influences

Born into a theatrical family in London, England in 1949, he grew up in the midst of the entertainment industry. He studied at Harrow College of Further Education.

Star Wars, Superman, Highlander, Lifeforce & more

Nick's movies

He started working as a movie make-up artist in 1969, but due to a savage slump in the film industry, he struggled to make a living for several years.

Traded his Ferrari for a sail boat

heading to the Caribbean

At the age of 35 Nick  shocked friends and colleagues when he decided to devote more time to his paintings, traded his Ferrari for a sail boat, cruised the Caribbean for almost a year 

Fine Art on the beach


Nick returned to Los Angeles, writing and directing two award winning music videos. was named BEST OF THE WEB by the BBC in 1997. 

"When I was 13 years old, My teacher told me I was an idiot.  He said I was going to work in a factory and I should give up art and drama and take up woodwork.  If I beleived him I wouldn't have made 54 movies or painted 430 paintings.  The conversation inspired me to prove he was wrong.  It continues to inspires me today... to encourage kids to follow their dreams, overcome negativity and live extraordinary lives."  Nick Maley                                 


Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

When Nick decided that he wanted to create a movie museum from his private collection of movie relics,  he and Gloria moved from Antigua to St Martin to realize that goal.  It took 5 years, closing everything in one country and starting again in another.  By 2007 that was complete and what they created has been named the most popular attraction in St Maarten by TripAdvisor four years in a row.  Star Wars, Superman, MIB, Highlander, Terminator, Planet of the Apes and more...  

Conventions & Events

autographs & Star Wars panels

Nick broadened his horizons to travel the world as a special guest and motivational speaker at conventions and events... reunited with old friends and colleagues and had a lot of fun...

the FXpo Project

touring holographic FX museum

Nick's new focus on movie history lead him to consider how he might apply the same innovation to traveling exhibits as he had to Special Creature Effects.  And so, the FXpo project was born...

Saving Yoda

rebuilding the world's favorite alien

The original Yoda puppets created for The Empire Strikes Back disintegrated 25 years ago.  So Nick set out to recreate the world's favorite alien, using the same "soft mechanics" technology as they used in 1978

Follow Your StarFoundation

Nick's non-profit foundation

By now you realize Nick is many things.  He is grateful to have lived an extraordinary life and so created a foundation to inspire others to overcome negativity and "follow their star."

Yoda Guy Apartments
vacation with a Star Wars Celebrity

Nick and his wife Gloria have tourist vacation rentals on Orient Bay,  St Martin's most celebrated beach.  "We aim to provide above average service for a less than average price," Nick explains.  

Where else can you vacation with a movie legend and talk about making Star Wars over a meal at a french restaurant?  

Check out the Yoda Guy Apartments website

Nick videos
YouTube Channel

There are lots of videos on YouTube of Nick at events and talking about making Yoda and his philosophy of inspiring youngsters. Many can be found on his YouTube Channel 

Nick's new book
The "Do or Do Not" Outlook

Over the years Nick has been asked many times for copies of his motivational words and videos.  So he wrote a little book with his philosophy for success. "It's my little book of BIG ideas," Nick explains, "...that aims to put a focus on inspiring others to live exceptional lives, overcome negativity, and understand what is needed to separate yourself from the crowd to achieve your dreams."

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Nick's Poems
download to add to your artwork

Nick started writing poetry when he was 5 years old.  Many of his paintings have accompanying poems that can be downloaded for FREE at