Who Is Nogard

The Lost Dragon From Dagobah



In 1978 Nick Maley was a senior tech assisting Stuart Freeborn in the creature workshop for Lucasfilm’s blockbuster, The Empire Strikes Back. He designed a creature that he thought could be used in the swamps of Degobah. Dave Barclay, one of the trainees on the team, volunteered to sculpt the creature in his off duty hours, just to demonstrate what talents he was capable of. But a hilarious incident, involving George Lucas, diverted the course of history and… well, watch the video to discover the wildest story you will ever hear about the making of Star Wars.


38 years later, Nogard had fallen into a state if decay. At his studio in the Caribbean, Nick told the story to passengers on Royal Caribbean who said, “lets see him.” To show them the rotting remains would have been a disappointment. But an idea was born; to save Nogard from obscurity, to tell his tale, and to restore him to what he was always meant to be.


Work in Progress

  • Moulding the relic


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  • Basic Wax Construction

Moulding the relic

Jorg proceeded with the delicate process of moulding the relic whilst not damaging. Silicon was applied in 3 section and a fiberglass jacket kept the silicon in shape after the relic was removed

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  • Preliminary resculpt

Basic Wax Construction

Wax was melted and poured layer by layer into the sections of the mould. Then the parts were joined together to replicate the relic in it’s deteriorated form

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Preliminary resculpt

Nick Maley flew in from the Caribbean to join Jorg and start the reconstruction process. First he restored the basic shape, then he focused on refining the form, extending the shrunken tail, adjusted the arms and legs and restoring Nogard’s personality

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